Bus Details

Clarkston Snowsports Ski Trips

Club hotline - 07714 983 305

Bus collection points:

  • 06:10am Eaglesham (Shops)
  • 06:20am Broom Church (Car Park)
  • 06:25am Clarkston Toll (Bus stop on Benview Road)
  • 06:30am Orchard Park Hotel (Lay-by at the shops)
  • 06:35am Shawlands (Kilmarnock Road at the Granary)
  • 06:45am Charing Cross (outside the Koh-I-Noor)

Please ensure we know you are coming!

Additional stops may be available on request.

(Note: if you want to book the bus or to find out whether snow conditions are allowing us to run a bus on a particular weekend, you are advised to phone the club hotline, rather than e-mail us)